I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air.


asoiaf houses meme: [1/3] places

T h e  i r o n  i s l a n d s   are stern and stony places, scant of comfort and bleak of prospect. Death is never far here, and life is mean and meagre. Men spend their nights drinking ale and arguing over whose lot is worse, the fisherfolk who fight the sea or the farmers who and scratch a crop from the poor thin soil. If truth be told, the miners have it worse than either, breaking their backs down in the dark, and for what? Iron, lead, tin, those are our treasures. Small wonder the ironmen of old turned to raiding.


192300-R1-30 by DABITO on Flickr.

Will you follow me, one last time?

A Clockwork Orange (1971)
dir. Stanley Kubrick

Favorite PeoplePedro Pascal

I’ve never really been to a convention before so I figured like, if you’re going to do a convention, you do San Diego Comic Con, and then you see all these fans and it blows your mind how much the show has impacted people. - Sophie Turner

When I’m on stage, I feel very much at home - within a theater, within an ensemble - so this entire process is something I feel very attuned with.


Kit Harington discusses nicknames (x)

I love so much that he just doesn’t even acknowledge Christopher as his name and Kit as his nickname. 

“I would rather have my innocence back.” - Lucrezia Borgia


I’m glad to be with you, Tolkien fandom. Here at the end of all things


Photographed by Jo Metson Scott for Sunday Times Style